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My passion for Dogs came at an early age. It has always been a career goal of Mine to work with dogs in some capacity. So I went to work, earning Degrees in Biology and Psychology in 2010 so that I could better understand mans best friend. In 2011, I completed my Vet tech certification.

About Dog Code Training

This allowed me to work with dogs in the medical field, administering medications and understanding doggy sicknesses.  I apprenticed at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility where I gained valuable experience alongside Veterinarians and R.V.T’s.  Once done, I volunteered in a shelter setting learning about the Kennel and how to have a safe and sanitary environment for our furry loved ones.

I decided to apprentice at Little Angels Service Dogs, which is a non-profit organization where I learned valuable training skills and earned my certification as a Trainer.

This same organization offered me a position to train full-time.  Eventually I became the apprenticeship instructor, Medical Coordinator, Kennel manager and Handler training instructor.  I have found my passion in training these gentle souls and believe it is our responsibility as owners to offer the proper guidance to our family pets. 


I believe that all dogs are different and our training methods should reflect that.  I am a balanced trainer, which means I believe in using the right tools for YOUR dog depending on the situation.

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Dog Code Training is a Private dog training business that focuses on bettering communication between man and Dog.
Dogs communicate in various ways. They tell us what they want and need from us humans. We believe it is our responsability to care for mans best friend by decoding  and understanding their behavior to ensure a happy and healthy life.
Dog Code believes all dogs are different, and because they are different we tailor training and use training tools based on the temperament and personality of the dog.