With over 2500+ transformation videos, 500+ clientele video testimonials, 250+ Yelp, Google, and Facebook detailed 5 Star reviews...why choose anyone else to train your pup!

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Our famous board and train programs are booked 2-3 months out year around, so act fast! If you can find a local dog training company with more impressive transformation videos, more positive 5 star reviews and more video testimonials than Off leash K9, We will personally pay to have your dog trained by them! We are THAT confident!

-Tom McGovern (Owner)

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We Can Fix 95% of ALL Unwanted Behaviors

  1. Leash-pulling or Lunging

  2. Fear & Anxiety

  3. Jumping on You or your Guests

  4. Excessive Barking

  5. Mouthing, Biting & Chewing

  6. Attention & Distraction Control

  7. Human Interaction

  8. Dog to Dog Interaction

  9. Door Manners & Meal Manners

  10. Puppy Training and House Breaking

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